January 29, 2010

Weaving Ketupat Satay

Step by step 
How to weave Ketupat Satay

Ketupat Satay is the most simple and easy to weave.
Using standard size ribbon.
Cut 2 pieces of ribbon about 120cm length.
Make 4 loops on both hand, as shown below.
But you can make it 3 loops to weave small Ketupat
or more loops to weave bigger Ketupat.

Cross over each loop alternately.

When it done look like this

Using your Right hand,
take one bottom right ribbon,
slide it in alternately to the left.

Pull it out as shown.

Do it again, but this time
using your Left hand.
Slide it in alternately to right.

Pull it out.

Tighten the ribbon by 
doing it slowly,
adjust the length
top and bottom as you like it.


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