January 31, 2010

Weaving Ketupat Burung Part 2

Step by step.
How to weave Ketupat Burung ( Bird ).

From Part 1
Bird Body

Step by step
How to fold Bird Head

Don't cut the ribbon.
Just adjust the ribbon.
To fold  Bird head, make the length
from the Bird body about 30cm.

Fold ribbon upward.
To make triangle shape.

Do it both side.

Fold it again as shown.

Fold it both side.

Leave front ribbon to one side first.
Do the back ribbon,
fold it again to make a triangle shape.
Just follow step as shown below.




Back bird head is done.

Now, fold the front ribbon.
Do it as you did it before.
Just follow the step below.



Unfold the ribbon,
just follow the mark and
overlap the back ribbon (back bird head)

Fold ribbon downward.

Move it upward.

Turn it around
bring it to the front again
as shown below.

Hold it with your left hand.
Move front ribbon to back,
hold it with your left finger.

Take the back ribbon
slide it into the bird body.
Just follow the step below.



Turn it over,
do the other side again
the same thing.



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