November 2, 2009

Ribbon - Heart

From step by step how to weave Lotus (part 2)

You already learned how to weave this pattern from weaving Lotus ( part 2 ).  I just change the colour. Using 1.2cm (1/2 inch) ribbon and 4 pieces of 30cm length of ribbon. Weave this pattern about 14 sets. Cut equal length from the flower about 4cm.
Join them together by inserting each other.
Make a V shape like this.
Make it two sets of V shape.
Join the others too. It easier for you to join it later on.
By combining the V shape and the others. It look like this.
 Do it patiently, you will get it.

Side View.
Rear View.

It done. Top View. Shape of a Heart.

Some more example. Used your creativity to create more design.

Tie a string and hang it.

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